Treat your four-legged favourite to a professional pampering programme.


Our pet and show grooming services include:

  • Bathing


  • Blow-drying

  • Defelting / untangling


  • Combing


  • Cutting


  • Shearing


  • Trimming


  • Ear and claw care


  • Ultrasound tooth-cleaning


  • Carding (undercoat removal)

Puppies are lovingly introduced and acclimatised to the salon environment.

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"Petgrooming" includes hairstyles suitable for everyday use. Most of the dogs in the salon are styled in this way. The cut is adapted to your pet's needs, your wishes and the dog's environment. Of course, FCI standard requirements are considered, but the focus of pet grooming is on a practical, modern hairstyle.

"Showgrooming" only includes hairstyles conforming to FCI standards. This is strictly adhered to and is therefore also suitable for dogs participating in shows (dog exhibitions).


  • Minor grooming: (de-felting if necessary + clipping, scissoring, or trimming): from €60 (approx. 1 hr.)
  • Basic grooming: (carding/undercoat removal if necessary + cutting and/or scissoring) + bathing & blow-drying: from €90 (approx. 1.5 hrs.)

  • All-round grooming: (de-felting, if necessary + clipping and/or shearing) + bathing & blow-drying + claw trimming + eye and ear cleaning: from €120 (approx. 2 hrs.)

  • Ultrasonic tooth cleaning: from €80 for up to 3 sessions of approx. 20min each (incl. own toothbrush head + Emmi-Pet toothpaste).

  • Puppy acclimatisation: from €30 (approx. 30 min)

Note: Unfelting can be more time consuming and may therefore incur a surcharge - depending on the extent of the matting. The same applies if a parasite infestation is detected, as this requires special treatment. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give an exact time in advance, as the duration of the treatment always depends on how cooperative your furry friend is.

Depending on the breed, the first complete grooming in the dog salon can be carried out at an age of between 4 and 6 months. By then, the dog is in its teens and in most cases can already stay alone in the dog salon - of course, only if it is already acclimatised to spending time there. Therefore, I also offer puppy acclimatisation, which also simplifies care at home. This is done gradually and playfully and, depending on the dog's patience, may also include some gentle grooming.


In any case, the puppy can already explore everything and get acquainted with the grooming table & grooming accessories.


We also offer a mobile service in Niedernhausen and the surrounding area, insofar as this is permitted by the current Corona regulations. This session is then held at the dog owner's premises. We bring all the necessary equipment with me - apart from a dog bath. If your pet requires a bath, your bathtub or shower can also be used for this purpose, just as you would for your grooming routine at home, presumably after many a messy walk with your dog.


We charge €0.38/km for the journey.


Nowadays, many dogs suffer from tartar (partly due to glucose and other additives in various dog foods) and the resulting inflammation of the gums and mouth cavity, which can cause damage to the periodontium over time. This can also lead to tooth loss. The bacterial load can also lead to life-threatening secondary diseases of the heart, liver, and kidneys. To counteract this, we also offer professional teeth cleaning for dogs to maintain oral hygiene in my salon. To do this, we use an ultrasonic brush from Emmi Pet that has been specially developed for animals and enables gentle, painless, and thorough cleaning of the teeth during which bacteria can be killed immediately - without anaesthesia. To be able to guarantee the quality standards of this treatment, we have undergone further training to become an animal dental hygienist and am now a certified member of the Verband der deutschen Tierdentalhygieniker e.V. (Association of German Animal Dental Hygienists). (


we charge €80 to treat all 42 teeth and this usually takes about 30 mins, although slight timing variations are possible depending on the dog's behaviour. The price includes one extra session, as the tartar cannot always be removed in one session. In rare cases, sometimes several sessions are necessary. Apart from the treatment costs, the above price also includes an ultrasonic toothbrush head and a special toothpaste for animals, because for hygienic reasons a new brush head must be used for each dog, which, if used correctly, can be used for several months. Ideally, professional ultrasonic teeth cleaning should be carried out every two to three months, depending on the dog's disposition and diet, to prevent any possible inflammation resulting from tartar. We also recommend cleaning the dog's teeth with a dog toothbrush and the pet toothpaste that we mentioned, preferably once a week, to reduce tartar build-up.


Note: If your dog does not want to have their teeth cleaned without anaesthesia or if the damage that has already occurred is too advanced, we cannot be responsible for the treatment and will refer you to a (specialist) vet. If this is the case, naturally, you will not be charged for the appointment.



You don't know how to tame the fur of your four-legged friend, which products are suitable for this, where you can buy them and how to use them? We're here to help! Since a visit to the hairdresser for some animals - especially those who are traumatized or simply very anxious - means a lot of stress, which one would like to spare them and some furry friends are also reluctant to be touched by strangers - which sometimes exceed the time and financial framework we have designed the “GROOM YOUR PET” offer as an alternative to a conventional pet hairdresser appointment in the salon or a home visit.


Of course, the course is also useful for regular salon visitors, as these are usually shorter and therefore less stressful for the animal and cheaper for the owner, if good care at home creates a good basis, so that e.g. B. felt knots do not even arise.


As a member of Tierdentalhygieniker e Give product advice, explain how to use the products and show you how you can use them relatively easily with the right handling and a few tricks. Dental care at home is also useful in addition to the ultrasound treatment we offer, because as you probably know, even people who usually brush their teeth twice a day build up tartar, which should be removed by means of a professional tooth cleaning once or twice a year.

Our DENTAL HOME Care course can only be booked for dogs.


A grooming course lasts 3 hours and can be booked in one go or split by arrangement. The cost is €150 per person with a dog. For each additional dog, an additional €50 will be charged. You can use your own products or ours, but you cannot take them with you. On request, we will be happy to place an order for you against prepayment and inform you as soon as it has arrived. For dental care courses, on the other hand, own products (ultrasonic brush heads + pasta) are a must for hygienic reasons. These are included in the following price and we have them in stock for you if you make an appointment in good time. The total cost of the one-hour dental care course is €120. The ultrasonic toothbrush is not included in the price. If you want to treat it at home, it must be purchased separately from us at Emmi-Pet or independently. During this training, we refrain from using scalers, scarpers or similar tools, which are also used in our professional tooth cleaning for oral hygiene, because in our opinion, to be on the safe side, such dental tools should only be placed in the professional hands of trained animal dental hygienists and veterinary specialists belong.