My name is Samantha Hailfinger and I am a trained groomer.


I chose this profession because animals - especially dogs, are very important to me and I practice it with passion, because for me as a 3-time dog mom, hobby breeder and avowed dog lover, it is a dream job. As a professional musician, who I was before my time as a groomer, I have a creative streak and a passion to be artistically active. For me, a dog or cat hairstyle is a work of art that I design individually according to customer requirements and breed standards. I also learned a lot about the professional and safe handling of animals during my time as an employee of the veterinary practice Dr. Kindler learned in Wiesbaden. It goes without saying that my four-legged customers should be fine with all aspects of the treatment, which is why I have invested a lot in professional, animal-friendly salon equipment, which is of course very important in addition to professional competence and the right craft. I successfully completed my groomer training at the renowned "Groomerschule Idalia und Clara" in Frankfurt a.M., which was previously directed by groomer expert Karin Kretschmar and was known under the name KK Groomerschule (Refugium Pro). This was followed by a few seminars on the holistic dog hairdresser at the Paracelsus Heilpraktikerschule in Mannheim. I also trained as an animal dental hygienist at the Vitaltreff24 training academy in Wirscheid - since then I have been a member of the Verband der Tierdentalhygieniker e. V.

Samantha Hailfinger

My name is Marline Schwarz and I am a budding groomer. I have almost completed my training in the Fellnasen Lounge and before that I successfully completed an apprenticeship as a veterinary assistant in the veterinary practice of Dr. Kindler in Wiesbaden. There I was able to learn a lot about how to deal with different and fearful animals. For example, claw care was of course also part of the field of activity in practice. Accordingly, I already had a good basis for training as a holistic dog hairdresser. I enjoy working with animals and spending time with them because they are my great passion. I grew up with dogs and rabbits and quickly learned to take responsibility for and look after my four-legged friends. Dogs in particular make my heart beat faster because they have such a special relationship with humans. That is why I attach great importance to the right way of dealing with them and I want them to feel comfortable in our salon. Of course, this also applies to cats. I came to the groomer training because I want to be with fur noses - and at the same time do something good for them, because they show us so much gratitude. This job also allows me to develop creatively.

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