My name is Samantha Hailfinger, and I am a qualified dog groomer.


I chose this profession because animals - especially dogs - are very close to my heart and I practice it with passion, because for me as a dog mum and self-confessed dog lover, it is a dream job. Being a professional musician before I was a dog groomer means I have a creative streak and a passion for the arts. For me, a dog's hairstyle is a work of art that I design individually according to the client's wishes and breed standards. Of course, my four-legged customers should also have a great time in the process. That's why I also offer relaxation methods such as accompanying music therapy and a wellness massage for dogs, which I was specially trained in by veterinary practitioners at Pets Balance in Gießen. I completed my groomer training at the renowned KK Groomerschule in Frankfurt am Main. This was followed by several seminars on holistic dog grooming at the Paracelsus School of alternative medicine in Mannheim. I also trained as an animal dental hygienist at the Vitaltreff24 training academy in Wirscheid - a member of the Association of Animal Dental Hygienists.

Samantha Hailfinger

In the past, as an employee at the veterinary practice of Dr. Kindler in Wiesbaden, I was able to gain a lot of experience in dealing with strange dogs and learn how to handle them well even when they are in a bad mood. Despite my aforementioned skills and experience, I am always continuing my education and will continue to expand my range of services - so it's worth checking back here from time to time and, of course, visiting my dog salon Fellnasen Lounge in Niedernhausen.


I am happy to advise you about recommended treatments for your four-legged darling over the phone or on site (in the outdoor waiting area during lockdown). I am also always open to (unusual) customer requests.


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